ESC1000L: Earth and Space Science Lab

Module 6 Applications Assignment and Learning Summary

Name: Jalisa Mathis

Directions: Complete the following activities from your text. Be sure to label and number each activity (you do not have to re-write the questions).

Activity 11.1B Distribution of Land and Water (pg. 187): complete questions 1 through 6.

1. 71 %

2. 29%

3. Water Hemisphere-Southern

Land Hemisphere- Northern

4. a. 75million km

b. 30 million km

c. 0

d.100 million km

5. 71%

6. 97%

Activity 12.1 Wave Characteristics (pg. 200): complete questions 1 and 2.

1. Wave Crest = C

Wave Height =D

Wavelength =B

Depth of negligible particle motion = A

2. 12 meters

Activity 12.2 Deep-Versus Shallow-Water Waves (pg. 201): complete questions 1 through 7.

1. Circular paths

2. Elliptical Paths

3. Ahead Of

4. Increase of Power

5. Falling Forward

6. 6.3 Meters

7. 20 Meters

Activity 14.1 Radiation and the Electromagnetic Spectrum (pg. 234): complete questions 1 through 3.

1. Red

2. Violet

3. Ultraviolet

Activity 14.2 What Happens to Incoming Solar Radiation? (pg. 235): complete questions 1 through 5.

1. 30%

2. No

3. 20%

4. 50%

5. Transmits

Module 6 Learning Summary

Compose a short (1-3 paragraph) summary of what you learned in this module. You may want to write about:

· your reaction to particular ideas presented in this module

· questions you may still have

· any “aha” moments that may have occurred to you

· connections between what you’ve learned and how you might use this information in your professional or personal life 

Be as specific as possible about your learning and include one or two examples of how this module changed the way in which you think about the earth

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