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How to be prepared beforehand:
❏ Create an emergency plan.
❏ Create an emergency backpack that has a
first aid kit, water bottles, food, emergency
contact numbers, and maybe extra clothes.
❏ Create an emergency evacuation plan.
❏ Create a meetup spot in case anyone gets
❏ Create an evacuation path where everyone
can exit through the same way to stick together.
How to react while it is happening:
➔ Everyone should get under a desk or table,
cover their head and necks, and hold on.
➔ Staying under the desks until the ground stops
moving is the best way to stay safe
What to do after:
❖ Calling out attendance.
❖ Making sure everyone got out safely is very
❖ Going to the evacuation spot.
❖ Going to the safe spot in an open place is the
❖ Call emergency numbers if someone is hurt.
❖ Calling for help when needed is important to
keep everyone safe

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