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Balle Balle — Bride and Prejudice Punjabi Wedding Scene (Item 10)

b) Porgy and Bess “Summertime” (20)

c) West Side Story – Gym Mambo (22)

d) Michael Jackson – Thriller (23). Watch 8:30 to 11:00 or so–this is the main dance sequence.

e) West Side Story – Cool (24). Dancing begins around 1:00.

1) Write a one-paragraph (or more) response to Hair. You may consider, but are not limited to: Is it an effective anti-war movie or is it merely an entertaining song and dance extravaganza about irresponsible young people? Is it a dated period piece?

2) After watching the four dance clips, write a paragraph in which you compare any two dances. Balle Balle and Gym Mambo have many similarities, as do Cool and Thriller.

3) Go online and listen to at least 3 of the 25,000 versions of “Summertime.” Joe Nocera, in the New York Times, claims that “Summertime” is the most recorded songs with about 25,000 versions. That may be an exaggeration. Write about version that you like best. Explain why.

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