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QUESTION 1 1. With __________, one species may negatively affect another, but will not be affected positively or negatively. amensalism commensalism mutualism parasitism QUESTION 2 1. Cattle egret follow herds of cattle and feed on both the insects stirred by the movement of the cattle and the biting insects that irritate the cattle. This is an example of: parasitism. predator-prey. mutualism. amensalism. QUESTION 3 1. The yucca moth interacts with the soapweed yucca in which way? The moth pollinates the flowers so the larvae can eat the seeds. The plant provides shelter for adults. The moth larvae feed on the roots of the plant. The yucca secretes chemicals that kill the moth. QUESTION 4 1. Penicillium (the source of the antibiotic penicillin) is a mold that secretes a toxin that kills bacteria and other organisms. Penicillium,

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