n this week’s assignment, you will create a narrated presentation using the media tool embedded in NCUOne. Instructions for using this tool are provided in this week’s resources. You are encouraged to follow the design suggestions offered in the presentation tutorials also available in this week’s resources. Consistent with best practices in e-learning, you should offer closed captioning or a transcript of your narration. Consider composing the script before narrating the presentation so that it will be easy to submit the transcript with the assignment.

In your narrated presentation, you will:

  • Explain each of the nine categories of instructional strategies.
  • Choose four of the categories based on your personal interests.
  • Provide an example from a personal learning experience for each of the four categories you chose.
  • Include closed captioning or transcript.

Length: 8-10 slides, excluding title and reference slides; use about one slide for each category, including the personal experiences for four of the categories

References: Include a minimum of 3 credible sources.

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