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The University of Texas at Tyler Department of Electrical Engineering EENG 4309 – Electronic Circuit Analysis II (Course Project) Active Bandpass filter Objectives Design, simulate, and test an active bandpass filter that meets the following specifications: • Integrated circuit: LM741 or MC1458 op-amp • Filter order: 4th order Butterworth • Design method: cascaded Sallen-Key stages • Corner frequencies: 𝑓L = 300 Hz and 𝑓H = 3400 Hz (to process speech signals) • Midband-gain: 0 dB Deliverables 1. Simulations: Use Multisim to simulate and test your design. Measure all relevant voltages and frequencies of the circuit (Bode plots). 2. Presentation: Your presentation should include: • Design goal • Circuit description and operation • Complete schematic and simulation diagrams • Mathematical derivations that justify the choice of components • List of applications for the circuit • Simulation results with screenshots of input and output signals • Comparison of the experimental results with the theoretical model Due date April 16, 2021 Grading Criteria This project weighs 15% of the final grade. Simulations Presentation Understanding 50% 30% 20%

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