Need an research paper on effective research & professional practice + ism. Needs to be 3 pages. Please no plagiarism. This can act as a delimiting factor at times. However, I feel that with a little bit of push I can make it to the top. I don’t feel that I possess any kind of threat. There are immense opportunities which I can cash upon. My curious nature, my cognitive thinking skills and my ability to work under pressure. All this will ensure that I produce high quality work in less time.The article is an empirical study on the role and scope of knowledge management systems in organizations. The article’s aims were well defined and chalked out. The article tried to test hypothetical the belief that the technologies used for information purposes in organizations and to lend support to business operations need to more in sync with each other. The focus was to redefine and reanalyze the purpose of KMS in light of the ways most organizations perceive Knowledge management.The study made use of findings from Delphi study and various in-depth interviews were conducted by them. Eventually, it concluded in a suggestion for developing organizational knowledge management systems. It was a qualitative analysis that came to the conclusion that knowledge management systems should be better integrated with the overall technology used in the firm. Thus instead of using a Knowledge Management system as a distinct entity the focus should be put the KMS in context with the prevailing technologies and enhancing their potential through the KM capabilities.The quality of the article was good. It was well researched, well explained and well substantiated. The limitations of the study were clearly indicated in the end and the discussion of the findings was very comprehensive.I believe that a qualitative study should be conducted for this research. As explained by many researchers, a qualitative study is more helpful when complex human behavior need to be researched and studied.