Electrochemical Cells Post Lab Discussion


Write a post-lab discussion on Investigating the Activity Series and Electrochemical Cells.

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Austin Peay State University Department of Chemistry Chem 1121 Investigating the Activity Series and Electrochemical Cells Cautions Heavy metals, such as lead, and solutions of heavy metals may be toxic and an irritant. Purpose To determine the cell potential (Ecell) for various voltaic cells and compare the data with the calculated Ecell values. Introduction Electrochemical cells are devices used to convert chemical energy into electrical energy. The most commonly used electrochemical cells are batteries. A battery contains chemical substances waiting to react; the reaction between the substances involves the transfer of electrons from one species to another. When the battery is placed in a device, a complete circuit is made, and the reaction occurs inducing a flow of electrons (current) to run the device. The energy

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