1. Explain briefly how you narrowed down your topic.
    1. Why is it important to you?
    2. Include mention of any plans, programs, policies, and/or models that have influenced your decision.
    3. Include, if any, references to the latest attacks and the impact upon the people, community, or region. 
  2. Identify at least 15 references pertinent to your topic. You can locate sources by using TUI Library Portal, Background Information, and Google. For five (5) of the references, provide a brief annotation for the reference (i.e., a brief summary analysis of the reference).

    Remember that it is always a good idea to use primary sources rather than secondary sources. Therefore, it is best to avoid sources such as from syndicated news sources (e.g., CNN, ABC, FOX, and the like). Also, lay sites such as Wikipedia are handy for general information but not for an academic paper.

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Running Head: CASE ASSIGNMENT 1 Case Assignment Name Institution Course Date CASE ASSIGNMENT 2 Selecting a Topic Emergency and Disaster Management and Logistics What specific geographic region will I choose? The selected geographical region for this study is California City. The city is selected for this particular study because it houses major logistic facilities that promote logistics services. These logistic operations are to the operations and livelihood of California and its residents, thus making them a potential target for disaster. The high proliferation of disaster threats and vulnerabilities reported in California City targeting major government facilities and logistic operations points to a possibility of this

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