Lockeport Medical Center

Mission and Vision As the regional leader in advanced medical care, we take our responsibilities seriously. Our vision and core values help guide us as we work to help and heal each patient in our care. We provide the community quality health care services through the compassionate hands of well-trained staff, in a technologically advanced, cost-effective manner. Our Mission: To improve the health of the people of the state and surrounding region.

 Serve people as a not-for-profit health system governed by a voluntary community board.

 Ensure sustainability through stewardship of the community’s assets.

 Provide quality services in a compassionate and cost-effective manner.

 Collaborate in order to improve access across the entire continuum of care.

 Promote wellness and health to benefit the community. 2020 Vision A regional diversified health system providing superior care and service to patients and their families through a full continuum of integrated services, education, and research. Major Strategies: “DEEDS” Develop people Excel in patient quality and safety Enhance operational and financial performance Develop the health system Strengthen key relationships Our MERIT Values Five core values: Mercy, Excellence, Respect, Integrity and Trust/Teamwork. These values form the foundation for our culture at Lockeport Medical Center.

Mercy We work to create a caring and compassionate environment responsive to the emotional, spiritual, and physical needs of all persons.

Excellence We strive to meet or exceed patient/customer needs and expectations and work as a team to improve every aspect of care and service in our organization.

Respect We value the innate dignity of all persons, respect their uniqueness and diversity, and enable the development of each one’s full potential.

Integrity We are consistently open, honest, and ethical, as the ideal means to protect overall safety and ensure confidentiality and privacy.

Trust/Teamwork We say what we mean and do what we say. There is open and honest communication with patients and among staff. We recognize everyone’s contributions for the benefit of the patient. We strive to enhance the health of the communities we serve, and work in cooperation with other organizations to protect our vulnerable populations throughout the region.

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