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time in the laboratory). Click Stop. A data link icon will appear in the Lab Book. Click the data link icon and record the temperature before adding the salt compound (Tinitial) and the highest or lowest temperature after adding the salt compound (Tfinal) in the data table below. 8. Click the red disposal bucket to clear the lab. 9. Repeat steps 2 – 8 for each compound to be tested. Data Table Compound Mass (g) Tinitial (C) Tfinal (C) T = (Tfinal-Tinitial) KF KNO3 CaF2 Ca(NO3)2 Use your experimental data to answer the following questions: 10. Calculate T (T = Tfinal –Tinitial) for each mixture and record the results in the data table. 11. An exothermic process releases heat (warms up), and an endothermic process absorbs heat (cools down). Which dissolution reactions are endothermic and which are exothermic? What will be the sign o

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