Climate change isn’t just an environmental science issue, and it isn’t just a political issue. The integrity of the climate system affects everyone and everything on the planet.Write a post discussing the technical, industrial, political, or ethical dimensions of climate change and our response (or lack thereof). How did we get in this position? How can we change it? What prevents us from realizing the changes we need to see? What responsibilities fall on governments, businesses, communities, and individuals to contribute to these solutions? Given what we’ve learned about other major engineering disasters, what strategies would you recommend going forward?

The lecture below covers some basic facts about climate change, and reviews the history of temperature on Earth. We’ll also look at different geoengineering techniques currently being explored, and discuss their risks and benefits. Geoengineering refers to geoscale interventions to counteract the effects of climate change. When, if ever, are geoeningeering techniques warranted? How do we manage the risks?

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