Your hard work will pay off as you synthesize the work you have done throughout the course into the Signature Assignment. This final assignment is a plan for an instructional or training solution based on the scenario on which you have been working for the entire course.

Remember that this introductory course has not offered everything you could possibly need to know about the broad field of instructional design. You explored some aspects of the field and the processes common to the field. Some aspects of the field were just introduced for further review in another course; other aspects of the field have not even been touched. This is an overview course, and you engaged in just that – an overview.

Thus, it is appropriate that the Signature Assignment for an overview course is, well, an overview; and that is just what a plan is – an overview. You will offer a plan for an instructional or training solution without necessarily presenting all of the details about each component of that solution. Your plan should include the following components:

Scenario (Week 2)
Learning Needs Assessment (Week 2)
Learner Analysis (Week 3)
Learning Context Analysis (Week 3)
Performance Context Analysis (Week 3)
Task Analysis (Week 4)
Learning Goal (Week 5)
Learning Outcome(s) (Week 5)
Learning Objectives (Week 5)
Learner Assessment (Week 6)
Learning Activity (Week 7)
Evidence of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion (Week 8)
Use a heading for each of the requirements listed above. You can learn more about using headings by viewing the Heading Levels Quick Guide (APA, n.d.) in Academic Writer, a link to which is available in this week’s resources.

This assignment will be reviewed using the Signature Assignment Rubric available in the Dropbox. Note that integrating feedback is a scored item on this rubric. Be sure to integrate feedback from previous assignments, asking any questions you have early in the week so that you receive a response in sufficient time for you to use the guidance.

Length: 12-15 pages, excluding title and reference pages

References: Include a minimum of 5 scholarly resources.

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