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‫كلية العلوم الادارية والمالية‬ | Assignment-3 Saudi Electronic University College of Administrative and Financial Sciences ECOM402 – E-Supply Chain Management Assignment-3-(Critical Thinking) E-Supply Chain Management Ist Semester-2021/2022 Submission: End of Week – 12 Saturday, 20th November, 2021 12 Marks –Grading through Blackboard ‫كلية العلوم الادارية والمالية‬ | Part-1 Background information: Cloud Computing and ERP are changing the landscape of business world. For this assignment, first explain the concept of Cloud Computing as well as understanding of ERP. Then, identify two KSA organizations that have benefited from implementing ERP & Cloud Computing technology. These organizations may be ones you have personal experience with or that you have identified and studied through research. Briefly describe both organizations and then answer the following

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