Hi, need to submit a 1500 words paper on the topic Entrepreneurial Psychology. The second role of a manager identified by Mintzberg is that he is a leader where s/he offers leadership to a team, department or even the entire organization (Allio, 2011, p. 8). It is from being a leader that a manager is able to manage the performance of each person in the group (Kibort, 2004, p. 33). This role is replicated at home where the father offered leadership at home. The father determined where we went for holidays, to church and even the schools we went. Moreover, when it comes to making major decisions about life for instance career choice, our father always came to our aid and guided us. This is motivated by the fact that he always wanted the best for us.According to Mintzberg, a manager acts as a liaison between the internal organization and the external contacts (Mintzberg, 2003, p. 9). He further asserted that a manager must be able to network well for the group. This role was performed at home by our father where he used to represent the family in issues like family businesses and also in issues of insurance and medical cover. In case of eminent threat to the family, the father was always at the forefront to defend us. In addition, our father networked to identify the best people to serve the interests of our family, for instance, he chose the family doctor for us.Mintzberg also explained that a manager must bear the role of being a monitor (Kibort, 2004, p. 33). To discharge this role effectively, a manager should continuously seek information that relates to the organization and the industry as a whole and identify any changes in the business environment. In addition, the manager monitors the team to assess their productivity and well-being. At home, this role was discharged by our father where he used to monitor our performance by having to see our report cards. He also monitored our health and had to know how each and everyone spend his day.

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