This assignment has two goals:

  1. It provides you the opportunity to explore an environmental issue of your choice and identify possible solutions etc.
  2. You will be exposed to the principle components of how to analyze government policy. You will be able to conduct a policy analysis of your own and address the following elements of a systematic policy analysis.
    1. A description and analysis of the issue.
    2. Specification and evaluation of the policy alternatives to deal with the problem.
    3. An examination of the implementation issues involved with applying the policy solution to the problem.

This is also an exercise in making trade-offs. You will develop criteria against which to evaluate policy alternatives and use those criteria to confront the trade-offs and to formulate a recommendation. No one solution you design will meet all of your criteria if you have specified them correctly, so choices must be made.

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Department of Political Science Writing Guide for POLS Courses Below are the requirements for all Political Science courses. Students are expected to follow the instructions in this guide for all of their written assignments. Individual course instructors may provide specific instructions for their particular courses or written assignments. If they require a special modification then you will follow those instructions. Otherwise, you are required to follow the instructions in this guide. The guide focuses on four important requirements for writing an academic paper. It is organized in the following sections: (A) Citation Style; (B) Use of Sources; (C) Structuring A Research Paper; and (D) Editing and Formatting. All of these are important for the assessment of written assignments. (A) CITATION STYLE This section of the

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