There are complicated and technical scientific issues underlying my topic, and we must figure out how to communicate those issues to a general audience. Why should they care about the problem or be motivated to support the solution? Good news stories have a compelling lead or hook. And make sure to have an intriguing or informative title. In this case, elevator pitch should convince your audience of the importance of your topic, especially on the connection of your topic to humans and your audience. This should include: The problem or topic: What is the issue or challenge you want to draw attention to? Why it matters: Why is this issue important or interesting? Potential solution: What can be done to help solve the problem or contribute to our understanding of the issue? Benefits: Why should your listener(s) care or be motivated to take action? What is the benefit to society of addressing this issue or getting more information?

You also need to include a reference list for your article, which does not count towards your word limit. Provide complete citations for at least two articles from the peer-reviewed literature that you consulted when writing the article. You do not need to cite the articles within the text of the news articles, you will list them at the end.
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Science Communication project Opening of the Arctic Sea Ice (Sea Ice melt). I will be talking about the diverse environmental effects (conditions) of ocean acidification and opening of the sea ice, sea ice melt in the Arctic region having on ecosystems. These environmental effects have important implications on organisms of the Arctic ecosystem. This discussion will include species that live there and what kind of conditions they are prone to due to the case of ocean acidification caused by burning of fossil fuels for human industry and opening of the sea ice. Bibliography – Relevant resources DOI: 10.1126/sciadv.aaz0888 DOI: 10.1126/sciadv.aay2915

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