Complete 5 pages APA formatted article: China’s pollution. This essay will focus and discuss the environmental challenges in China, the causes and how environmental pollution affects the people1.In my research, the weather has appeared to be the main cause of flooding in China. People in China happen to prefer flooding areas without considering the negative effects that floods have in their lives. Hence, it happens that the areas that experience floods are the most populated areas in the country. The high populations in such areas increase the ability of the areas to be struck by floods. Crowded areas have increased surface run-off that flows into the rivers causing the breaking of their banks, hence flooding. Places with high populations need to be watched carefully to ensure that help always give whenever it is needed.2 Floods have a lot of negative effects on the lives of the people.According to research, the air pollution in China has been considered to be one of the worst. The increased air pollution in China has caused the big population of China several respiratory diseases. Women suffer the biggest effects of the pollution having biggest numbers of lung cancer.3In most cases, it happens to women who live near industrialized areas. The increased air pollution in China is caused by mostly its increased production activities of their industries. During the production, the industries emit smoke that has sulfur dioxide in the air which is harmful to the human body when inhaled. China also relies heavily on coal for their energy production. This also has played a big part in the polluting of air in China. The combustion of coal sends some unwanted gasses and smoke into the air and smoke that may lead to the greenhouse effect apart from air pollution3.Manufacturing industries and cars also play a major role in the pollution of air in China. Most experts have blamed the coal-burning that produces their energy and highly support their economic growth4.