• Introduce the concept of energy efficiency.
  • Identify sustainable and non-sustainable practices in your home.
  • Show that the solution to many environmental problems are within the reach of individuals and communities


This assignment is designed to help you reflect on the environmental practices in your home. For the audit, you will each select ten (10) topics of interest in regards to environmental aspects of your household operations. The topics you may choose from are:

Topics TableWaste managementWater
Air handlingCompostingFaucet efficiencyAppliance efficiencyInsulationTrash producedToilet efficiencyComputersWindow/doorway sealantRecyclingShowers (length, efficiency, temperature, etc.)Power source sustainabilityAC ageFast fashionWashing machine typeWater heater typeKeeping vents clearPaper decorWater used to produce your clothingLighting (type, efficiency, age)Water sourceEnergy vampiresIrrigation (sprinklers, drip systems, water barrels, etc.)External shade on the roof (trees, etc.)

Useful resources: 


  1. Select ten topics listed above
  2. Write a paragraph (minimum) discussing how you address and/or implement each topic (Ten paragraphs total-minimum).  Does your home actively plan accommodations for this topic?  What could you do do to better on this subject? How much would it roughly cost to do so (look up what it would cost to replace equipment if necessary, ball park figures are okay)?
  3. Evaluate your home. Do you consider your home “green”?  Why or why not?  
  4. Propose some monetarily and personally feasible changes that you/your family should consider.  

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