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= Today you will Steno’s Laws of stratigraphy to reconstruct the relative order of events for each of the following geologic cross-sections. Also list which stratigraphic principle(s) you sed to determine the order of each event using the designated letter below. Principles of Stratigraphy • • • • Superposition (S) Original Horizontality (H) Lateral Continuity (L) Cross Cutting Relationships (C) Geologic Symbols on Cross Sections: On each diagram, different rock types are given by symbols. In general • • • • • • • • • “bricks” represent limestone “dots” represent sandstone “dashes (all in a row)” represent shales “dots-n-dashes” represent siltstone “circles” or “blobs” represent conglomerates “x” or “patterned dashes not aligned” or “solid lines” represents intrusive igneous rocks “squiggles” represents metamorphic rocks Folds are shown

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