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Complete your lab write up using the (Enzyme Lactase Lab Write Up) instructions posted in the Week 2 module as a guide. Remember, you only need to write up Exercise II, which focuses on the effect of temperature (the independent variable) on glucose concentration (the dependent variable), which is a measure of lactase activity. Save your document as a Word or PDF file and upload it here

In this activity, you will study the effect of pH, temperature and lactose concentration on lactase activity. By the end of this activity, you should be able to: design experiments to study the effects of pH, temperature, and substrate concentration on enzyme activity. graph data related to enzyme activity. analyze data related to enzyme activity. complete a lab write-up summarizing and analyzing your results for the effect of temperature on lactase activity. identify the components of the scientific method. identify components of the substrate-enzyme-product system being studied. Before beginning this activity, make sure you are comfortable with the concepts of independent and dependent variables, experimental and control groups, and hypothesis. You will be applying these concepts in this lab, plus in many of the future labs. To prepare for the lab, watch the following video and think about enzymes, substrates, products, maximum rate of reaction, and optimal conditions.

We will work through Experiment I, testing the effect of pH on enzyme activity, together during our Zoom lecture. You will then individually use what we did together as a model to design data collection tables and study the effect of temperature and the effect of lactose concentration on lactase activity (Experiment II and Experiment III). Please note, this requires that you totally understand what we are doing while we are together in our Zoom session. You will take this understanding and apply it in a slightly different experiment to complete Experiment II and Experiment III. Experiment IV requires you to look at the materials and methods available to you in the simulation to determine if you can study the concept of enzyme specificity using the website.

You will need to produce graphs using Excel or Google docs. I will not accept hand-drawn graphs or photographed images. If you are unsure how to do this, it is fine to work with other students. The final product must be your own work, but it is a good strategy to help out others in the lab.

To complete the lab activity, go to the following website (

and read through the Home, Background and Explore the Model tabs.

You will produce a lab write-up on the effect of temperature on lactase activity. Note, you are focused on Experiment II and should use the data from that activity only for the write-up. Your understanding of Experiments III and IV will be assessed in a different format during Week 3.

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