Erickson’s theory of psychosocial development comprises of eight different stages. The first five stages are up to the age of eighteen years, and the three later stages talk about adulthood and the after stages. I am currently 25 years old, and the Erikson’s psychological stage that corresponds to my chronological age is the intimacy versus Isolation stage (Knight, 2017).  This is the sixth stage of human development which comprises of individuals between the ages of eighteen to forty years.  Recently, I have been experiencing a challenging issue when it comes to trusting people. It has turned out to be very difficult for me to trust other people including my companions, friends and some of my close family members because trusting some people in the past has resulted in tough situations and depression.  I have previously trusted people who have taken advantage of it and exploited me in different ways.  This has forced me to approach any relationship with some sort of suspicion and I have tried to use this way to avoid a reoccurrence of the bad past experiences.

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