Stage of Assignment Due Date Points
Preparation, Textual Analysis Parts 1,
2, 3 & Personal Analysis Paragraphs
All finished by
Tuesday, Nov. 2 60
Final Draft
Due no later than 11:59 on this date. Any
late essays will lose a letter grade for
each day they are late. Must be fully
Thursday, Nov. 4
Over the past several weeks, we have read Sebastian Junger’s book, Tribe, discussed it
in class and completed a series of writing assignments that have helped us to
comprehend the text and generate our ideas about it. This formal essay builds on what
we’ve done already and is designed to help you gather the tools you’ll need to be
successful when you write the final research project and subsequently cruise your way
into English 1B. As such it involves several areas of skill put together into a
comprehensive paper.
The Prompt:
This essay prompt has two parts. However, the goal of the written paper is not simply to
answer the questions in each part separately but instead to synthesize the sections into
a coherent argument.
Part 1 – Textual Analysis:In this section of the paper you will write a series of paragraph that analyze the book.
Part 2 – Personal Analysis:
In this section of the paper you will reflect on the ideas you have discussed using your
own experiences and observations.
Organizing Your Essay:
Please take these guidelines seriously. Your essay needs to include ALL of the following
parts; otherwise, it will be considered incomplete.
1) Title and introduction:
Begin with a creative title and introductory paragraph in which you engage your reader
and introduce your topic, which is essentially an evaluation of your own life in relation to
other people, the things you do, and the control you exercise over it.
So, how do you want to introduce others to your world? That’s your introduction.
2) Thesis Statement:
At the end of your introduction, introduce Junger, his book, the theory and a map of your
pillar paragraphs (be very brief here); then present a clear statement that summarizes
the personal analysis portion of your essay in the order you plan to discuss the ideas.
3) Textual Analysis Paragraphs:
These must be FULLY revised versions of the ones I spent time marking for you. If
these paragraphs are not revised, I will stop reading your essay and give it an automatic
zero. Take this seriously.
● In each paragraph, walk your reader through an understanding of how the
example illustrates one of the pillars. Begin with an overall point and set out
to prove it.
● Include all necessary parts of effective paragraph structure (topic sentences,
logical organization of general points followed by specific examples, follow
ups, and transitions)

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