Part 2 Essays 3, 4, 5, 6

3. Lee argues that the new Asian immigrants were seen as a threat to the United States because of their race and their labor. How were Asians perceived by nativists, and why were they seen as racially threatening? How do the ideas behind this threat persist today, according to Angelo Ancheta’s essay “Neither Black nor White”?

pgs 57-62

4. The third selection in Part Two is titled “how white people became white.” At least on first reading, this title appears puzzling. Explain the title.

Pg 65-69

5. How does Karen Brodkin support her claim that educational and occupational GI benefits provided after World War II really constituted an affirmative action program for white males? Would George Lipsitz, whose article also appears in Part Two, agree or disagree with this claim? How about you? Do you agree or disagree-and why?

Pg 71-80

6. Drawing on the essays by Brodkin and Lipsitz, construct the most powerful argument you can in support of the claim that white privilege has been institutionalized and protected by US government policy over the years; then go on to

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