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Morgan: My friend Caitlin and I had a lot of fun choreographing this dance! I always enjoy getting to be creative and come up with dances and routines, I used to do it a lot as a little kid so when I get the opportunity to do it now, it brings back fun memories for me. I am not that good at dancing but when I am allowed to create the movements I always feel more confident in my skills. The song that we chose was inspired from High School Musical 3. Not only is this movie our favorite, but we thought that the dance was cute and we could add our own little twist of choreography to it. The song “Can I Have This Dance” is about Troy and Gabriela at prom and Caitlin and I thought it would be fun to act like the couple. I enjoyed being able to let loose and show my creative side. This assignment pushed me to get out of comfort zone

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