This week you will look at your organization and outline the ethical codes and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Plan. If there is not an ethical code or CSR plan what would you include in each? How would you go about auditing your organization for ethical compliance? How would you audit and monitor the efforts around following the CSR? What areas of the organization: reward/punishment systems. Organizational design, leadership, structure is prone to unethical behavior?
Write a paper of approximately 1,200 words in which you do the following:
Include what ethical codes and/or Corporate Social Responsibility Plan is in place for your organization.
Describe how you would audit/monitor compliance to the codes and CSR.
Illustrate moral awareness and judgements to ethical workplaces and social responsibility.
Determine the development of an ethical or unethical culture to ethical or unethical behaviors.
Include at a minimum of two scholarly sources in addition to your textbook to support your analysis.

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