In addition to the reflection guidelines in the syllabus, I would like you to consider whether or not a company like Black Water could ever contribute to a common good. What would a Hobbesian realist say? Be sure to ground your response in the text! NOTE: Hobbesian Realism is specifically discussed in the text on Hobees. Make sure you refer to the section on ehitcs in an international sense.

“Fritz Allhoff & Anand J. Vaidya. Business in Ethical Focus: An Anthology.BroadviewPress, (2008)ISBN-13: 978-1551116617Note:Thisisthe1stEdition,notthe2ndEdition.” this is the book

ReadtheCaseStudy.ii.Makesureyouare current with the coursereadings.iii.Take an informed position on the Case Study and write down thatposition. By “informed” I mean that you should refer totheTextbookand/or the notes I have provided.iv.Theresponseshould bebetween 3-4averagesizedparagraphs.v.These will be graded on completion and thoughtfulness (basicallyI can tell if a student has not read the material and is just writingnonsense); however, each post will count toward your final grade(eachisroughly5%ofyouroverall gradeforatotalof30%oftheoverall grade). I will monitor these carefully, and respond to somewhenit is,makesuretocheckunderassignmentsfor directions(inaddition to these that are specific to the case study beingconsidered).

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