Weighting: 60%
Length: 2,500 words – Purpose To provide students with the opportunity engage with a case study which presents an ethical dilemma in a counselling context and to demonstrate the capacity to apply theory in identifying and analysing the case.   

1. Choose a counselling case to present that includes an ethical dilemma.

2. Use relevant codes of ethics and other readings to identify and clarify the dilemma. You  need to refer back to lecture material and readings about how to identify an ethical dilemma and ensure that it is actually an ethical dilemma rather than a difference of opinion or conflicting values. Lecture slides attached, please refer to code of ethics as per lecture slides (PACFA) Psychotherapy and Counselling Federation of Australia

3. Use one of the decision making models that you have encountered this semester and show how you would apply it to this case. Anticipate the possible difficulties; consider stakeholders’ perspectives and consequences of possible courses of action.


Briefly outline the specifics of the case and reasons why you chose it.
Explain how it can be defined as an ethical dilemma. Provide sufficient information to understand issues and context.
Discuss how you might attempt to resolve it using one of the ethical decision making models presented in this unit, providing a rationale for your choice of model.
Discuss insights and understandings that have arisen, including strengths and weaknesses of the model you employ.
You must write using appropriate academic standards and support your statements with APA referencing (a minimum of 18 references is required). 

Assessment criteria

Demonstrated awareness and understanding of counselling values and ethical principles, taking into consideration issues affecting all stakeholders. (15%)

Demonstrated understanding of counselling ethics in the Human Services as applied to a case situation in terms of identifying an ethical dilemma and analysing the process applied to resolve it. (20%)

Critical reflection with links with ethical theories (15%)

Academic writing and appropriate referencing (10%) 

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