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-BBEfofgoo@@@@a@zh -BME 419 Jennifer J. Kang-Mieler BME 419: Ethics and case discussion Ethics Case #1: The backwards math Jay’s boss is an acknowledged expert in the field of catalysis. Jay is the leader of a group that has been charged with developing a new catalyst system, and the search has narrowed to two possibilities, Catalyst ‘A’ and Catalyst ‘B’. The boss is certain that the best choice is ‘A’, but he directs that tests be run on both, ‘just for the record.’ Owing to inexperienced help, the tests take longer than expected and the results show that ‘B’ is the preferred material. The engineers question the validity of the tests, but because of the project’s timetable, there is no time to repeat the series. The boss, therefore, directs Jay to work the math backwards and come up with phony data to substantiate the choice

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