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Knowing how to create Excel models is highly regarded skill in the workplace. This exercise will give you a taste of the work that goes into creating a workable, organized and clean looking model. You will need to create 2 models in total from chapter 11.undefined

Create an Excel model identical to Exhibit 11.5 – Current Rate Methodundefined

Create an Excel model identical to Exhibit 11.6 – Temporal MethodundefinedModels must be formatted in the same manner as textbook (clean look and I am picky about this J!) •Create model so the user can simply enter whatever ending rate they desire, and the model computes the translation adjustment automatically. It is good practice to highlight such cells to inform / guide the user, making the model very user friendly and simple for the user to know out how to use it. •Highest grades will be given to those that have a workable model (accurate when I change the ending rate) that looks good (formatted like the textbook); average grade will be given to those that show good effort but cannot build a workable model that is accurate but looks good (formatted according to textbook). Low grade will be given to inaccurate, poorly formatted, incomplete, hardcoded models.this is YouTube video instruction it’s help you to understand

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