The banning of seasonal fertilizers would effectively reduce eutrophication. Eutrophication is defined as a process by which a water body is enriched with lots of dissolved nutrients. As a result, the growth of aquatic plants is stimulated causing depletion of dissolved oxygen from the water mass. Nutrients that brings in eutrophication are the main elements that make seasonal fertilizers. Therefore, with a ban in seasonal fertilizer production and usage mean that there would not be adequate nitrogen and phosphorus micronutrients to trigger eutrophication.

Photosynthesis is the process that green plants and some organisms use to make their food using sunlight and carbon iv oxide while respiration is a metabolic process that living cells use to get energy from a combination of oxygen and glucose. Mainly, the by-products of photosynthesis (Glucose and oxygen) are used in respiration whereas the by-products of respiration (water and carbon iv oxide) are used in photosynthesis (Comeau et al, 2016). During photosynthesis, the water molecule is often broken down to produce oxygen that is utilized during respiration. The oxygen molecule released in photosynthesis combines with hydrogen ions to produce water that is utilized during photosynthesis. As such, the linkage between photosynthesis and respiration enables plants to thrive

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