In this assignment, you will apply what you learned about the scientific method to evaluate the validity of two different health claims. There are three file attachments for this assignment. There you will find and read the posting, a scientific article about zinc’s effect on colds, and a table with a short essay question for you to fill out.

Read the Hemila, 2011, a published scientific paper, and the health claim, which is a fictional posting on the internet.

Fill out the table titled “Evaluating Health Claims” to help you determine how scientific each claim is. The table will help you to decide:

Which steps of the scientific method were used?
Which steps of the scientific method were not used?
Do you feel that the scientific method was sufficiently used in each article to give credibility to its claims? Why or why not?
Answer the short essay question below the table and save the completed assignment to your computer and upload it as a Word file to the Assignment drop box titled “Evaluating Health Claims.”

Please, see attached Rubric to make sure that you include all items that will be graded.


Please fill out the table below with information from the posting and the scientific article about zinc’s effects on colds. Some entries have been filled in for you. Give your overall evaluation of these two health claims by answering the question below the table. Save the completed document as a Word file and upload it to the Evaluating Health Claims Assignment drop box. PostingZinc’s Effects on Colds Article
What was the dependent variable (what was it that the author of the article says “depends” on something else)? For example, you getting wet when you step outside “depends” on whether it is raining outside.Duration of a cold
What was the independent variable (what was it that the author of the article says something else “depends” on)? For example, you getting wet (from a pool or a shower) doesn’t affect whether it’s raining outside.Dose of zinc
What was the hypothesis (what did the author set out to test BEFORE the claim was made)?Missing – None was stated before testing and a conclusion was made
What was the conclusion?Zinc doses over 75 mg per day have a significant effect in shortening the duration of colds
Evidence that this was a controlled experiment (how did the author prove that other factors that could give false results or an incorrect conclusion were eliminated?
How do you feel about the sources that were used to make each claim (literature used to carry out background research, design the experiment, or interpret results)?There are no references at all
How do you feel about the level of peer-review for each claim (how many experts in the field reviewed the article before it was published)?

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