I’m working on a film question and need a sample draft to help me understand better.

I need you to write 1 essay that is a single-spaced page long i need you to write an evaluation essay on my classmate’s presentations there are no sources used for this as it is an evaluation essay in the essay i’d like it if you could talk about what you learned and got out of the presentation you can relate what you learn to the books we are reading in class (books: misbehaving and the book nudge both by Richard thaler) you don’t have to relate it to the books if you can’t find them online for free and another thing I’d like you to answer in the essay is was there any new information you learned from the classmate and what did you get out of it also did you get any information that you didn’t know before. The classmate you will have to write about is Jingjing Huang. I have attached the transcript or it would have the same problem that it did before when attaching the csreeen recording.1 attachmentsSlide 1 of 1

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Satyananda Gabriel: morning, good evening and good afternoon. Ivy Xue: Good morning. Satyananda Gabriel: Good morning. Good morning. Satyananda Gabriel: Good morning, good morning good morning good morning. Satyananda Gabriel: ting ting are you ready to go. Satyananda Gabriel: Can you give us a sense of what you’re going to present on today. Jingjing Huang: i’m. Jingjing Huang: expenses in China can I share my screen. Okay. Jingjing Huang: So hi everyone because of medical emergency I wasn’t able to present last week sorry for the late presentation um I hopefully that everyone could hear me clearly I will be talking about marriage expenses in China. Jingjing Huang: So this is totally out of my presentation and on on the right is a photo of wedding ceremony in the city that I found on the Internet. Jingjing Huang: And here is a photo taken on

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