Evaluation Mistakes     

In Chapter 22, Jensen (2008) purports that formal assessment often  ignores key brain principles regarding learning and memory. He  identifies five common mistakes made in the evaluation process.

To prepare your written response, begin with the following:

As you read, contemplate any concepts that challenge or  stretch your thinking. If any particular ideas or statements ignite  feelings of inspiration or conflict within you, contemplate why and  consider identifying these for the focus of your response.


  • For each of the five mistakes that Jensen (2008) identifies,  succinctly identify one key concept that resonates with you. It can  either be a new perspective you had not considered, one that expands  what you already believed, or one that you may not fully understand or  necessarily agree with.
  • Provide a specific professional experience or example for one of the five concepts you identified.
  • Describe briefly how brain-based assessment principles might impact your own professional practice and learning outcomes.

To prepare your written response, begin with the following:

  • Read about authentic assessment in Chapter 22 from the Jensen text (2008), specifically pages 230-233.
  • Pay attention to Figure 22.1, a graphic representation of the five areas providing a basis for authentic assessment.
  • Review the Authentic Assessment sample concept map as a guide before crafting your initial response.
Jensen_2e_Figure 22.1.jpg

Next, revisit and explore the weekly discussions and  assignments for all six weeks in this course. Contemplate how the five  areas of authentic assessment (i.e., content, emotions, context,  processing, and embodiment) provide a basis for the assessments in this  specific course. In other words, what do you observe within your own  weekly assessments that models authentic assessment?

Create a concept map such as that represented in Figure 22.1 on page 231 in our text that includes

  • A specific discussion, assignment, resource, or other tool from the course for each of the five areas.
  • A statement as to how each example fulfills the respective area.
  • An example of a related concept map can be found in this week’s  Weekly Lesson as well as some suggestions for creating graphics in the  Recommended Resources list for this week.

Your initial post should include

  • Your concept map, either directly embedded or pasted or as an attachment.
  • A brief explanation as to how this particular discussion represents authentic assessment.
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