ALT Igneous Rock Lab Go to the following website: You will find an explanation of Igneous Rocks and at the bottom, a list of sample numbers. When you click on a sample number it will take you to a picture of a rock and a selection box to check all the characteristics of the rock that you observe. To earn credit for this lab you should explore ALL of the rocks and attempt to identify their characteristics correctly. This may take a few tries. Once you have explored the rocks please answer the following questions: 1. Which rock was the easiest for you to identify? Why do you think this is so? 2. Which rock was the most challenging for you to identify? Why do you think this is so? 3. How can you tell whether a rock cooled above ground or below ground simply by looking at it? In other words, are there visible characteristics that provide clues to the location of its formation? 4. What patterns did you see in the rocks? For example, igneous rocks have a range of densities, depending on the minerals from which they are composed and their formation process and location. Is there an observable characteristic in the rocks themselves that offers hints to this range of density? Be specific. You may find more than one pattern to comment on. The more the better! 5. Which igneous rock is your favorite and why? 6. Which igneous rock is still a complete mystery to you? Why?

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