I will pay for the following essay What is family. The essay is to be 2 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page.With a stable relationship within the family setting, a healthy generation is created to develop the aspect in future generation. The family is formed based on the family values that accord roles to the members within the family. Each of the members is given defined roles to lead to a healthy relationship within the family. When the roles are completed and duties assigned according to the desired provisions, the members are accorded the opportunity to develop positive virtues towards future developments. The younger members of the family are accorded the opportunity to present similar fete to their own creations within the future generation. The stronger members of the family are accorded tougher roles as compared to the other members who are considered vulnerable to harsh environmental presentation. Pauline Erera in her writings explains these relationships in her book Family diversity to accord the family structure and the definition of the entity based on the contemporary values.Erera explains that the family setting and definition has changed in the modern society due to the changed roles of the members. The other aspect that has contributed to the change has been in the varied diversity evident within the setting. She lists that the families that have been developed have observed the role of protection of the members. The article lists the varied family types that have been created from lesbian families to single parent families (Erera 133). However, the article is based on the argument that the family should be based on the traditional values that had been noted to promote peaceful correlation and discipline.Through supportive evidence of the family values and the explanation of the changes in the family structure since the 1970s, Erera supports her claim of the growth within the family value. She explains that families with married couples had been diminishing from the 1970s due to the challenges of the society (Erera 118). The