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1. The Anderson family consists of married couple Hannah and Jonathan, and their young daughter Eva. Hannah is a software designer making $58,000 per year, and Jonathan is an office manager making $46,000 per year.

(a). Should they file their taxes jointly or seperately?

Jointly: $9,039

Separately: $9,509
They should file jointly

(b). Determine the FICA taxes for both Hannah and Jonathan.


Social Security tax: $3,596

Medicare Tax: $841


Social Security tax: $2,852

Medicare Tax: $667

Medicare tax if filed jointly: $1,508

Social security tax if filed jointly: $6,4483 attachmentsSlide 1 of 3

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(©). (w) (4 points) Whether you chose to have the couple file jointly or separately in part (a), let’s think of Hannah and Jonathan’s monthly paychecks combined into one. Based on the income tax for the filing status you chose in part (a)

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