1st assignment

Strategic forecasts and staffing formulation case-study (Case #4, see Index 7th ed or pp 298-304 of the textbook 6th ed).

  1. Prepare 1,500 word paper in proper APA format and provide at least 7 peer-reviewed references.
  2. Explain, discuss, and analyze the staffing activities in the case.
  3. Include concepts that will contribute to best practices in staffing while adhering to laws, ethics, cultures to ensure an effective human resources strategy.
  4. Optional: Submit your paper to the SafeAssign Draft link in the box below to check your “originality” score. Make corrections as desired.
  5. When you are prepared to submit your assignment for grading, please submit to the “View/Complete” link below that is located in this box.

Additionally, international HRM/GHRM courses are every evolving and changing due to the global landscape, please use materials from 2009 – present as peer review, books, journals. You may use Google Scholar but NO Yahoo.com; Google.com; HTML, or websites with advertising.

2nd assignment

Submit 12 – 15 slides of PowerPoint presentation on one of the week’s chapter’s topic(s).
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3:02 1 III АА ЧР 304 CASE 4 STRATEGIC FORECASTS AND STAFANG FORMULATION CASE 4 STRATEGIC FORECASTS AND STAFFING FORMULATION: EXECUTIVE AND MANAGERIAL PLANNING FOR BOSCH-KAZAKHSTAN By Marion Festing and Manfred Froehlecke? Introduction Personnel planning and staffing issues are critical suc- cess factors in foreign subsidiaries of multinational enterprises. They must be designed in the context of corporate goals and issues and the specific situation in the host country. From a firm-internal perspective, human capital/talent planning and staffing decisions are related to a company’s corporate strategy and embedded in the corporate HR strategy. Thus, plan- ning and staffing decisions must be co-ordinated with other HR activities within the MNE, such as HR development. This perspective must then be balanced with a careful consideration

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