Watch the movie Fed Up, then track your diary intake and activity for caloric consumption and utilization. Yes, part of the calories that are used known as basil metabolic ie: breathing, thinking and your heart beating… this happens even while you’re sleeping. It’s used to be charged against the calories intake, however you can’t double dib. So if you’re watching a movie, you can’t have an hour of movie watching calories and basil metabolic because it’s same same.

Do this for one week and then submit a two to three page write up ( I would like it typed, double spaced, and font to be Helvetica or Ariel with 12pt font.) on what you learned from the film and the knowledge you learned and how it affects your new lifestyle change. Along with the write up I would like calendar tables of your calorie data.

Cite your sources!

Below is the movie link & movie:

Explanation & Answer length: 3 pages

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