1. design a pamphlet, flyer or brochure for parents at a daycare or nursery school on a specific communicable disease.
    2. The questions below must be answered in the pamphlet for parents.
    3. Make it fun, creative, clear and informative. This is a handout to give the parents, of a child enrolled in a licensed program, to let them know about a specific topic and what the responsibilities are for the parent, child and teacher.
    4. Include pictures. Some can be the worst case of the disease but be sure to include what an educator may typically see at an agency

    -Identify the signs, symptoms and transmission routes of the disease, who is at risk
    – Identify Public health regulations/requirements regarding the disease for the area you live in. Remember to state where you are living (Ottawa, Canada);
    – Identify practices, which would be implemented in a licensed centre regarding this disease. You may have to visit or call a licensed agency to get this information.
    – Identify the role of the teacher, supervisor/manager, and the role of the parent in managing the condition. You will need to phone a couple of agencies to get this information.
    – Explain how the condition will impact home life and others outside the centre. (Cost of medication, phoning other parents, taking time off work.)

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