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Writing on Film and Media

Description and rationale:

In the final essay you will have more creative space. You will write an argumentative essay (research paper) addressing the discussions we have made throughout our course about the relation between decoloniality, the image, and the senses. You have one options to choose your object of study:

  • History and Memory (Rea Tajiri, 1991)

In your essay, you will be expected to address the relation between film and decoloniality, while bringing into your discussion at least one conceptual framework we have studied during the course (Rosalind Galt, Tina Campt, Silvia Cusicanqui, Debra Castillo, Maylei Blackwell). Please, be sure to develop and convey your argument in a clear way through an efficient and compelling critical reading of the films. Also, following our focus in the course, make sure to address the sensorial layers of the films (sound, visual construction, textures, color, movement, etc)

Length: 1500 words

Formatting: Times New Roman. 12 pt. Double Space. MLA for quotes and citations.

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