The PORTFOLIO ANALYSIS project is due 4/26. 

You need to create a PORTFOLIO ANALYSIS report write-up printed out to hand-in ON 4/26. 

The most important part is the report write-up because that is what is going to be graded.  What you choose to include is up to you.  In the end, I need to know at the least what securities/instruments you included in your portfolio and why,  how you constructed the portfolio, statistics for the portfolio and discussion on how the portfolio performed.  The focus should be on and you should use information from chapters 11, 12 and 13.

The format of written reports´╝Ü
Reports must be done in a professional fashion: paginate it, print it out, staple, attach any accompanying materials (tables, appendices, graphs, etc.) at the end; tables should be referred to, ordered, and clearly labeled.