1. Choose a publicly traded company and obtain its monthly prices for the last 5 years. Use them to find returns. Repeat the steps for SNP500. Data: 2. Run a simple regression to solve for the 5-year beta. Interpret your results. Is the company risky? Why or why not? How is your result different from the one listed on Yahoo Finance? If it is different, why do you think this happened? 3. Repeat your estimation but use only most recent 3 years. Did your results change? In what way? What do you think caused these changes? 4. Using the 5-year beta from part (2), what is the required return of your company? Current risk-free rate is 0.67% which is the yield on 10-year Treasury bonds. You should present a well-organized Excel file that will include all data that you used in your calculations, your analysis, and your answers. *PS: I have chosen Macy’s. Basically, I have completed the data required for the homework. You only need to answer the questions.

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