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Seattle University FINC 4520 Portfolio Management Portfolio Optimization Project Assignment #3 (Final Report) Instructions Winter 2021 Dr. Jot Yau, CFA Objective: Mean-Variance Optimization as the Basis for Strategic Asset Allocation Canvas submission due date: 1:30pm, March 9, 2021 * This assignment is a two or three-person team effort. Deliverables include a report (pdf) and an EXCEL workbook (xlx or xlxs) containing all working models of optimization for all cases listed below. (See required formats of these two deliverables are at the end of this Instructions.) Submit the two files to Assignment #3 on CANVAS by 1:30 p.m. on March 9, 2021. ** Please note both deliverables (the report and the EXCEL workbook) must be turned in on time. Missing any deliverable will be considered as not meeting the requirements for this assignment and

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