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First Assembly Program Please see the attached C++ program, first.cpp. Write an assembly program that produces the same results as the code in this program. In other words, you should allocate memory locations by the same name and of the same type shown in this program, and carry out equivalent operations to change those memory locations in the same way. Note that the iostream library and cout statements are commented out. We have not yet seen mechanisms to produce output in assembly programs. However, if you uncomment those parts of the C++ program, you can see values of the variables. When writing the assembly program, use the debugger to verify that the named memory locations result in the same values that are produced by the C++ program. Include comments in your assembly code to explain how you are implementing the equivalent C++ code. You might include a comment that includes the C++ statement just before your group of instructions that carries out the equivalent assembly code. When you turn in this assignment, download your Replit project as a Zip file and upload that file to the assignment item on Blackboard. Do not copy the assembly source file and paste into the assignment text box on Blackboard. Be sure to upload your Replit Zip file as an attachment. long var1 = 15; // 32-bits long var2 OxOA; long var3 = -7; short var4 = short var5 short var6 = 17; // 16-bits -21; 0x31; long long var7 = 1; // 64-bits long long var 8 -5; long long var9 = 15; long long var 10; // uninitialized //#include int main() { var1 += var2; var3++; var1 = (var1 4) + var3; var4 += 20; var5 -= –var4; var6 = (var5 var6) + (var4 2); var7 += (var8– + ++var9); var 10 = var 7 + var8 + var9; 11 11 1 11 // // // // // // // // // std::cout

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