Answer each of the following questions (~ 6 pages total Maximum), double-spaced and submitted as a single MS Word document file or saved in rich text format.  No references or research is necessary; should be based entirely on your own critical thinking perspectives as derived from the course material.  [Please make sure not use any current events that were among the Case Studies in Modules or our Discussions!].

Steps involved:  (1)  Begin by underlining your purpose thesis statement in the first paragraph of each essay.  (2)  Next use each succeeding paragraph to analyze a separate macroeconomic concept or theory which applies to your chosen topic.  (3) Finally use your conclusion to show what you take away from each of the following topics:

1.  Select any American current macroeconomic topic occurring this quarter to analyze in light of the course material.  Your choice of current events should not be topics closely associated with any of the class Discussions or Case Studies.

2.  Select any foreign (non-American) current macroeconomic topic occurring this quarter to analyze as well based on the course content.

3.  Watch the video linked in Module #6:  “The Battle of Ideas,” Episode I from The Commanding Heights.  In each paragraph (following your thesis and preceding your conclusions) analyze a separate macro economics concept / principle which is related to our course content and how it was meaningfully demonstrated through this film documentary.

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