Read Chapter 15: How Management Companies Manage Hotels and Chapter 16: Franchising Is Big Business. Listen to the Podcast with Savannah Smith from Host Hotels (Links to an external site.). Reflect on different types of properties within Host Hotels and discuss the differences between two of the hotels that they manage and what type of company you would like to work for and why (managed or franchised).

Ensure you at least comment on one student’s discussion post.

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430 CHAPTER 15 THIS CHAPTER COVERS hotel management companies and their methods and continues by describing their history and evolution. It then focuses on of operation. First it explains the beginnings of management companies management contracts between hotel owners and management companies, identifying and explaining major contract provisions and the reasons for them. Finally, the chapter describes the opportunities and risks for hotel owners and management companies when they enter into a management contract. Why Management Companies Exist nature of their relationships with hotel owners, underscore the fact that hotels are a special The growth and prosperity of hotel management companies, and the unique and changing kind of real estate. They are very different from office buildings and shopping malls, for example. To begin with,

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