I’m working on a film discussion question and need guidance to help me study.

I need assitanatce in insuring correct form and prompt within the review of the film. the minimum of wording is 150. thank you.


1. film: Moonlight. Give the name, the director, the top two actors, and the year.

2. Was it a feature film or a documentary?

3. Three sentence maximum what the film was about. (plot/story)

4. Do a little research about the filmmaker. Who is he/she/they and what is their background? What was their goal in making this film? Why did the film interest them? Did they have any trouble making or funding or distributing the film? Anything else that might connect the background of the filmmaker to the film created?

5. From the research you did in #4, find one quote from the director that gives us some insight into the mind and work of this filmmaker and THIS film, if you can find a quote for this film specifically.

7. Reflect on watching a film made by filmmaker who comes from an under-represented group in the film industry. First, do you feel the filmmaker gave voice to a perspective that is not always heard? Any example of that? What was your reaction to the film and why? If you watched a feature film, did the theme come out? If you watched a documentary, did you learn anything interesting? Write about what you want here, thinking about the film as a product of a directorial voice that has not, until just recently, been as often heard. This part requires at least ONE time stamp of some specific example or detail.

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