Learning Goal: I’m working on a public health presentation and need support to help me learn.

The title for the assignment is “Food deserts in poor urban area”

I would need 3 peer review resource cited, can you also provide any videos or graphics that would work well with the presentation.

This is what one of my group members suggested – Part 1: Describe what Environmental Justice is and how food desert/food security is an environmental justice issue. Also provide information on the health hazards of food deserts/food insecurity such as diabetes/obesity. (This is the section I want you to focus on more)

Part 2: Specifically talk about lack of healthy supermarkets/food sources and high density of fast food/convenience stores. Perhaps we can focus on a specific region or specific community (for example Native American reservations or another at risk area)

– Part 3: We can discuss various solutions such as creation of community gardens, farmers markets, financial assistance programs etc. as well as the limitations of these approaches.

My group wants me to focus more on part 1 and if I can also look into parts 2 and 3 that would be great so we can all add on information to create the powerpoint presentation.

Requirements: 5 powerpoint slides on part 1 (include pictures)

Explanation & Answer length: 5 Slides Presentation

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