The paper is a formal essay assignment in which you demonstrate your understanding of art and the visual elements and principles of design.

Refer to the artworks included below in the section labeled Artworks. Choose one of these artworks and write up a Formal Analysis of that artwork using all relevant Visual Elements and Principles of design. Make sure you review chapters 3-5 of your textbook to be certain you don’t miss anything.

You may include a bit of biography or historical context if you feel it’s important, but remember that you should primarily be using a formal theory of art criticism for this paper. If you do include biographical or historical information in your paper, you are required to properly cite all of your sources.

Your paper should be at least 600 words and must be double-spaced.

This assignment should be completed at your convenience over a number of weeks (refer to your specific due date). Please plan accordingly, and do not wait until it is almost due to begin; this assignment is important to your course grade, so you should complete it with plenty of time to have your paper proofread, avoid potential internet/equipment issues, and, if helpful, schedule time to correspond with someone in the Learning Commons.

Do not plagiarize. You may include information learned in research, but it is not required; this is not a research paper. If you do, be sure to cite your sources appropriately. Remember at all times that your own personal response is the main point of this paper.

Try to use appropriate terminology from our lesson whenever possible. You should include a brief visual analysis of at least one of your chosen artworks, identifying any visual elements or principles of design that you feel are important to the work.

Be certain to use proper spelling, grammar, punctuation, etc. Your paper must be broken up into paragraphs to help with pacing, and be sure to include some sort of introduction and conclusion; don’t just end the paper when you get to 600 words!

This is the sculpture you have to look at and talk about the art forms used and just talk about it

Peter Paul Rubens
The Elevation of the Cross

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